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Securing API Endpoints: The Importance of Unpredictable IDs on Development

 Over the weekend, I dedicated time to revisiting and consolidating my findings in the ongoing reconnaissance phase for an application platform. As I delved into the system's intricacies, I realized the need for a precise and robust testing instrument. In contemplating the ideal tool for the task, BurpSuite Intruder came out as the perfect instrument for the impending test on our target. The versatile capabilities of BurpSuite Intruder, known for its adeptness in performing exhaustive tests and uncovering potential vulnerabilities, align seamlessly with the demands of our recon efforts. This realization sets the stage for a comprehensive and systematic examination of the application platform, ensuring a meticulous assessment that goes beyond the surface-level insights. The Context In my current engagement with a REST API target, a critical aspect of data retrieval revolves around using unique identifiers assigned to various objects within the system. These identifiers, called IDs,