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Automation in the classroom! PART I - Basics & Set-up

 Starting as a college teacher has been very rewarding. I've found students eager to learn and their "sponge-like" minds ready to take on the world. I am honored still to have been given this opportunity; I look forward to seeing how far some of them will reach and what they will achieve in their lifetimes.  I want to give a brief of what this article is about. As I progress on article writing, I will keep it simple and explain each of the little elements or bits of separate technologies on which I will be dwelling in my write-ups. Storytime As a student at the college, I had the opportunity to have a teacher/mentor. He taught me the subject that I now teach. He was the one who had the brilliant idea of implementing GitHub classroom, Cypress testing, and Docker and put it all together to make sure we students had the best learning experience and were up to date with new technologies. I now take the mantle of teaching and have the chance to collaborate with that stack and

Dark Magic & Daemon Summoning with Bash Scripting

Starting teaching at college has been very rewarding; however, I still long for world domination like everyone else. I have encountered that teaching 30+ students is no easy task, and on top of that, marking? It ends up being time-consuming and a task that could be more enjoyable. But then I thought, "Hey, what about creating a script that helps me in my day-to-day life? After all, I'm a Dark Wizard with computing resources. Hell, I'll put those Daemons to work!" so I took on more digging on bash scripting! I already have basic knowledge and implement bash scripting on my RECON machine for Security Research. I will document my findings on Bash and the problems it helps me solve as I go with them. And ultimately build an army of scripts to help me achieve my goal of world domination! :) Let's dig in! Summon evil hell minions like a pro with Bash scripting! Bash scripting is an essential component of system administration, automation, and computational workflows, al

Forking and Cloning Demystified: Understanding the Key Differences.

 I just recently was invited to start teaching at college on the subject of Web applications for the computer programming program at the local college. I am very excited, and I want to transfer my knowledge to others and see my students grow to become professionals in the development area. As I started revising the material I will be teaching, I encountered a series of questions that I, for whatever reason, have forgotten over time or never really got the curiosity to ask myself. I hope as I start teaching the basics of software development and applications, I also learn myself and reinforce my basic foundation knowledge. Based on this initial 'commit', I took on Source control and basic concepts. Forking and Cloning! Forking and Cloning are two distinct actions used in version control systems such as Git, which are typically hosted on platforms like GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. Here's how they differ: Cloning a Repository: Cloning creates a copy of an existing repository